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The 8 Best Super Mario Bros. Hacks

The great thing about games as simply constructed as Super Mario Bros. is that they are easier to reverse engineer than their modern-day counterparts. This leads to some great custom games seeping into the public domain – Super Mario Bros. is famous for having a vast array of hacked versions,..

Why Super Mario Bros. was a Game Changer

The sequel to Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. popularised the side-scrolling platformer and added multiplayer to what became Nintendo’s flagship title Originating as a coin-operated game back in 1985, Super Mario Bros. eventually became synonymous with the NES – establishing itself as a killer app for the Eighties console. The..

Top 10 Most Influential Developers

Top 10 Most Influential Developers: From Miyamoto to Meier, games™ charts the illustrious industry luminaries that elevated the craft and influenced all those that proceeded them.

games™ Issue 95

Issue 95 on sale now, with 12 pages dedicated to Super Mario Galaxy 2 as we go hands-on with the game and speak with its creators. Other highlights include first looks at L.A. Noire and Bodycount, Super Street Fighter IV reviewed and an exclusive chat with Suda 51.