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Sun’s out, guns out for Splatoon 2 in games™ 187

Splatoon 2 is ready to make a massive splash with its release in July so we catch up with the development team to find out why they think the original was such a success, how it went about building on the original and what its hopes are for Nintendo Switch...

Horizon Zero Dawn review

Horizon Zero Dawn review

The fact that Guerrilla has never made a role-playing game before is really the source of Horizon Zero Dawn’s greatest strengths and greatest weaknesses. The Dutch studio has been able to shed decades of accumulated baggage from the genre, striking out in interesting and engaging new directions, but it has..

Mass Effect Andromeda is out of this world in games™ 184

As Mass Effect Andromeda emerges from deep space to make its landing we delve deep into BioWare’s epic return to its masterpiece sci-fi universe. We put a microscope to the new characters, the weapons, crafting, multiplayer and how the class system will work. Plus, we go hands on with Ghost..