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The making of Street Fighter 5

games™ talks to Street Fighter V’s Yoshinori Ono about the series that defined fighting games, and how Capcom is approaching its newest series entry in a slightly different way…

5 things to know about Street Fighter 5

The basic way Street Fighter V plays will be immediately familiar to anyone that picked up a stick (or a pad) and went for a few rounds on Street Fighter IV. The standard six-button system remains in place – jab, strong, fierce punches and short, forward and roundhouse kicks –..

Game On! 2016 – The must-have annual for gamers!

Christmas is only a couple of months away now (unbelievably) and if you’re looking for the ideal gift for the gamers in your life then Game On! 2016, the amazing new gaming annual, will save you a lot of hunting. Packed with incredible new games, classic titles, gaming tips, mind-blowing..

9 games that started life as something else entirely

Did you know how much these games changed during development? Devil May Cry was originally going to be a Resident Evil sequel It’s one of the more famous examples of a massive gear shift for a videogame as Hideki Kamiya pitched a much more action orientated experience for Resident Evil..

Top 10 Clocks Counting Down To The Apocalypse

The ‘doom clock’, or doom timer, is a fascinating mechanic in gaming – its primary uses usually involve some kind of unstoppable death at the end of a countdown. Loved by some, loathed by many, the doom clock pressures players. Mixing a completionist with a doom clock is a recipe..