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games™ Issue 97

New issue on sale now, featuring an extensive interview with the team behind Castlevania’s rebirth as we sink our teeth into Lords Of Shadow. Elsewhere, there are in-depth looks at Dead Space 2 and Fallout: New Vegas, a chat with Bungie about the future for the studio and games™’s tenth 10/10 review…

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review

It’s the first numbered Mario sequel in decades and the third of the plumber’s platform games to appear on the Wii. Can Nintendo’s leading man still impress with so much familiar territory shortly behind him? You bet your dungarees he can…

games™ Issue 95

Issue 95 on sale now, with 12 pages dedicated to Super Mario Galaxy 2 as we go hands-on with the game and speak with its creators. Other highlights include first looks at L.A. Noire and Bodycount, Super Street Fighter IV reviewed and an exclusive chat with Suda 51.

games™ Issue 85

Reviewed All the latest videogame releases: – Fight Night Round 4 – Guitar Hero: Greatest Hits – Prototype Previewed The biggest upcoming games revealed: – Modern Warfare 2 – Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Splinter Cell Conviction Features Discover the very best in videogame culture: – Left 4 Dead 2:..