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Super Mario Maker review

Super Mario Maker review

Very few game franchises have stuck so closely to their roots over the years as Super Mario Bros. has. Put the 1985 original next to 2012’s New Super Mario Bros U and while some elements – the visual detail, the power-ups, the enemies – may be different, the core gameplay...

The 8 Best Super Mario Bros. Hacks

The great thing about games as simply constructed as Super Mario Bros. is that they are easier to reverse engineer than their modern-day counterparts. This leads to some great custom games seeping into the public domain – Super Mario Bros. is famous for having a vast array of hacked versions,...

Why Super Mario Bros. was a Game Changer

The sequel to Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. popularised the side-scrolling platformer and added multiplayer to what became Nintendo’s flagship title Originating as a coin-operated game back in 1985, Super Mario Bros. eventually became synonymous with the NES – establishing itself as a killer app for the Eighties console. The...

Top 25 Killer Apps

While we await the games that will define the success of the newest generation of games machines, games™ looks back through the year at the titles that have defined their host hardware