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The Order: 1886 review

The Order: 1886 review

A shattered promise is worse than no promise at all. The Order: 1886’s near-complete lack of intrigue, energy and entertainment is an act of emotional sabotage in the face of its pre-release hype and guarantees. What was billed as an evolution of narrative complexity and delivery within the videogame space..

Elder Scrolls Online leads the RPG charge in games™ 146

We extensively play The Elder Scrolls Online, the first of a new wave of RPGs – alongside Dragon Age: Inquisitions and The Witcher 3 – that will be taking the genre into new and expansive territory. Elsewhere we put console exclusives Titanfall and InFamous head-to-head, explore the digital side of Watch Dogs and make full sense of PS4 shooter The Order: 1886.