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Battlefield: Hardline review

Battlefield: Hardline review

While it is entirely possible to discuss Battlefield without mentioning Call Of Duty, Battlefield: Hardline is just not a Battlefield game. The sheen and thunder of DICE’s Frostbite engine is unmistakable, and the loadout, perk, and Battlepack menus are all replicas of those seen in Battlefield 4. But if Hardline..

Dead Space 3 Review

Isaac Clarke returns in another horrifying outing – but is it worth your money? Find out in our Dead Space 3 review…

Dead Space 2: Post-traumatic Stress

From all outward appearances, the conclusion of Dead Space suggested that Isaac Clarke was a goner. Or clinically insane. Or both. Apparently not, as he’s returned with a new suit, new weapons, and a new medical file full of psychological disorders. We talk to Dead Space 2’s executive producer Steve Papoutsis about crafting fear anew.