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Rodea The Sky Soldier review

Rodea The Sky Soldier review

[Reviewed on Wii U] This is an attempt by famed developer Yuji Naka to re-capture the lightning in a bottle that was Saturn classic Nights Into Dreams. Unfortunately, his new game has more of the nightmare about it, as Rodea returns to Earth with a bump just as soon as..

Just Dance 2016 review

Just Dance 2016 review

[Reviewed on Wii U] Once a year around Christmas time since 2009, the latest instalment of one of our guiltiest pleasures lands in our laps. Close the curtains, lock your doors and tell the neighbours you’re hosting a swingers’ party, dealing drugs or building up your collection of cats –..

10 things you should know about Super Mario Bros. by now

The essential Mario knowledge that every fan will want to know 1. It is believed Mario is named after the landlord of the building in which the development team had been staying in America during the development of Donkey Kong Jr after he interrupted them to demand rent in the..

How Nintendo does backwards compatibility better than Microsoft and Sony

Are console manufactures increasingly looking towards backwards compatibility to bulk out a thin selection of next-gen games? To combat the first-party release drought both manufacturers undoubtedly saw coming, Microsoft and Sony have long been conscripting indie developers to push out new and updated editions of their established games, but even..

Top 35 Set Pieces Of All Time

The set piece has always strived to bring a little touch of the cinematic to enliven games and, regardless of hardware limitations, each generation has some jaw-dropping spectacle or immersive scenario to boast. So strap yourself in as games™ presents the 35 most exhilarating set piece moments in gaming history…

The Last Story review

The Last Story finally makes its way to the US on August the 14th. Is it worth dusting off the Wii for one last time? Find out in the games™ review